52 Photographers

Alan George

I came across Alan George’s photography this week. I enjoyed the “Domesticated” and “Immediate Vicinity” portfolios the most, though all of it, both the photography and his statements, is quite interesting.

From “Domesticated:”

With this series of images, I examine domesticated urban plants and people’s attempts to control and manipulate them in sometimes trivial and inconsequential ways. My hope is that these at times humorous and tragic examples echo conditions within the larger context of the relationship between humanity and nature.

The images from the “Immediate Vicinity” body of work are along George’s 12 minute walk to the subway and 10 minute ride. He began making these photographs along his commute after the birth of his daughter, and the resulting lack of time to go out and photograph. I’ve always liked the idea of photographing along the route of one’s commute, and there are some good photographs in George’s portfolio.

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